Quiz: Which Cruise Line Is The Best For You?

Not sure if you should sail Carnival or Royal Caribbean? Or maybe you’re wondering whether Norwegian or Celebrity or Princess is right for you.

The number of cruise lines can be overwhelming. All too often it’s difficult to know which cruise is ideal for your vacation. We have just the solution. Take our fun quiz below to see which line is the right fit.

The quiz takes only a minute and will tell you exactly which of the major cruise lines is best for you. Don’t forget to share your results in the comments and on social media!

Which Cruise Line Is The Best For You?

Which best describes why you want to cruise?

I want our entire family to have a fun vacation.
I want to party
I want to have a romantic getaway
I want a cheap vacation somewhere warm
I want to vacation in luxury and be pampered
I want to experience the open sea

How much do you spend on vacations?

Money is no object. I'll pay the most for the best.
I spend freely on a vacation, but only if it's worth it
I'm on a budget, but like to spend a little extra on vacations
I'm a cheapskate. I look for the cheapest trip possible.

What sort of cruise ship is most appealing to you?

Give me the biggest ship with tons of activities
I don't care about size, I just want luxury
I prefer a smaller ship with fewer passengers

If I had to pick, I would rather...

Read a good book
Bungee jump

Which store do you most often shop?


What would your vacation "nickname" be?

Pete the Partier
Ida the Introvert
Patty the Planner
Larry the Luxurious
Penny the Parent
Eddy the Eater

Which beverage do you most look forward to on your cruise?

A Bud Light
A craft brew
A pina colada
A glass of champagne
A glass of expensive wine
A glass of soda

How would you get to the cruise port?


How long would you like to sail?

3-5 Days
6-10 Days
11+ Days

All 9 questions completed!

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Which Cruise Line Is The Best For You?

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