Should You Book an Interior or Balcony Cabin?

How late do you like to sleep?

1. I like to sleep in
2. I'm an early riser

How much do you like to spend on vacation?

1. I like to keep my trips as cheap as possible
2. I don't mind spending a bit extra on vacation

How long is your cruise?

1. Short (5 days or fewer)
2. Long (6 days or more)

Will you spend a lot of time in your cabin?

1. No, it's mainly for storage and sleep
2. Yes, I like to relax in the room

Are you talking a cruise to Alaska?

1. No, I'm sailing elsewhere
2. Yes, I am sailing to Alaska

Which would you rather do?

1. Relax in a quiet spot
2. Boogie down and party with others

How many people are sailing in your cabin?

1. Two or fewer people
2. More than two people

All 7 questions completed!

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Should You Book an Interior or Balcony Cabin?

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