Port Canaveral Cruise Parking (Where to Park) Options, Prices, and Map

Looking for Port Canaveral parking? These days, it has turned into one of the busiest — and most popular — ports in the entire nation. Millions of passengers each year take cruises from the terminals near Orlando.

Of course, that means millions of people each year have to make their way to the port. Fortunately, you have a number of options on getting there for your cruise. They include:

When it comes to parking, the good news is that you have options other than the official port parking lots. While convenient, these lots are more expensive than what you’ll pay at off-port lots.

Port Canaveral sits on a spit of land about five miles from the mainland, meaning space for parking lots right near the port is sparse. However, there are still options available as long as you don’t mind a shuttle ride. Most shuttles are quick trips (less than 10 minutes) and can drop you off right at the terminal. Parking lots include these rides for free in their rates.

Port Canaveral Parking for a Cruise

A list of Port Canaveral parking options for a cruise.

Port Canaveral Official Parking
Parking at the port is the most convenient. Parking lots and garages are next to each cruise terminal, making for a very short walk to check-in. The problem is that you pay a lot for that convenience — $17 per day. If you want to park at the port, simply show up on the day of cruising. Parking is payable via credit card.

Given the proximity of the lots to the cruise terminal, we wouldn’t blame anyone for paying the high prices. However, cheaper options are available.

Cost: $17 per day
Distance: At terminal
Website: https://www.portcanaveral.com/Cruise/Directions-Parking

A parking garage at Port Canaveral.

Park Port Canaveral
Located about three miles (5-minute drive) from the cruise terminals, Park Port Canaveral is one of your only options for off-site cruise parking. Rates are very fair — if booked online and paid ahead of time, the daily rate is $10.95 plus tax (rates are $1 more if paid at the lot). The lot offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the port.

Cost: $10.95 per day (if booked ahead), plus taxes and fees
Distance: 3 miles (free shuttle provided)
Website: http://www.parkportcanaveral.com

Park-N-Cruise is also about three miles from Port Canaveral, but due west. Rates are $10.95 per day and parking is in a fenced, gated and locked lot. Note that the $10.95 rate is for reservations booked online ahead of time. RVs and other oversized vehicles are an extra free. Of course, a shuttle will transport you back and forth from the port itself.

Cost: $10.95 per day (if booked ahead), plus taxes and fees
Distance: 3 miles (free shuttle provided)
Website: http://www.parkcruise.com

528 Port Cruise Parking
Despite 528 Port Cruise Parking’s website saying it has $5.95 per day parking, a search of multiple dates brought up considerably higher rates. That’s because a number of taxes and fees aren’t included in the headline price.

Still, the lowest parking rate we found for a 7-day cruise was $60.93, or $8.70 per day. Even at that rate, passengers will pay about $8 per day less than parking at the port. Note that rates are higher on a per-day basis for shorter cruises.The parking lot is located on the mainland, just before heading over the causeway to Port Canaveral. A complimentary shuttle runs regularly to the port, which is included for up to four passengers with your parking fee

Cost: $8.70 per day (if booked ahead), plus taxes and fees
Distance: 10 miles (shuttle provided)
Website: http://www.528portparking.com

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle
Cruisetime is located southwest of Port Canaveral, on Merritt Island. It’s only about 8.5 miles from the port and the ride to the terminal takes about 15 minutes. Parking rates are simple — $64 for a 7-day cruise, $40 for a 3-4 day cruise, and $48 for a five-day trip. If your cruise is a different length, expect to pay about $10 per day of your trip. Cruisetime also offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the port that’s included with your parking.

Cost: $64 for 7-day cruise, $48 for 5-day
Distance: 8.5 miles (shuttle provided)
Website: https://www.cruisetimeparking.com

Lots of Honor: Lots of Honor is located right before you cross the water to the port. It’s only about 3.5 miles from the terminals. The parking lot says it offers 24/7 security, as well as a shuttle to the port. The rate is $10.95 per day for most cars. If you are a veteran or first responder, you’ll pay only $8.95 per day. Note that there is an additional $5 port entry fee and 7% tax.

Cost: $10.95 per day (if booked ahead), plus taxes and fees
Distance: 3.5 miles (shuttle provided)
Website: http://www.lotsofhonor.com

Go Port Canaveral Package: The parking package from Go Port Canaveral has a different spin — they charge only for the shuttle to and from the port. Instead of paying for parking by the day, you’ll be charged $9.95 per person, each way for the shuttle. So a couple traveling to the port and back to the parking lot will pay $39.80 ($9.95 x two people, both ways). A family of four would pay $79.60 for the shuttle to and from the port.

Meanwhile, there is no charge for parking. So you pay the same rate whether you are gone for a 3-night cruise or a 9-night cruise. The lot is small (only 150 spots), so be sure to reserve ahead of time. This is ideal for those passengers traveling as a couple on longer cruises. That’s where you’ll find the best value.

Cost: $9.95 shuttle each way, per person. Parking is complimentary.
Distance: 5.5 miles
Website: https://www.goportcanaveral.com/services/cruise-parking.php

Individual Hotels: If you are staying in the Port Canaveral area, here is a list of hotels that will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise. Many hotels cater to cruisers and have special daily rates and free shuttles.

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

Is there free Port Canaveral parking?
Yes, if you are disabled, then you might receive free parking at the port. For ports in Florida, cars for disabled passengers that have special equipment (like ramps, lifts, or special controls) can get free parking for their cruise.

As well, Port Canaveral official lots offer free parking for disabled veterans with a Florida license plate with that designation.

Where should I park?
If you are driving in, your parking decision rests mainly on if you want to save money or want convenience. For those looking to save, we suggest parking at an off-site parking lot. Their rates are considerably less and you can still take the shuttle right to the cruise ship. The downside is that you have to wait for the shuttle going to and from the ship.

If you want the most convenience, check out parking at the actual port. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you can walk right to the ship without worrying about finding (or waiting) for a ride to your car.

Why am I being charged for 8 days for a 7-day cruise?
One thing we’ve noticed is that parking lots in the area charge an extra day for your cruise. Say you have a 7-day cruise that you leave Sunday afternoon and return the following Sunday morning. In total, you were gone for seven full days. However, by the clock, your car was on the lot for eight different calendar days (Sunday, Monday-Saturday, Sunday). Even if you pick your car up first thing on Sunday morning, the parking lots charge for an additional day.

Can I park at a hotel for cheaper?
Yes. As a perk to entice cruise passengers many hotels in the area have parking packages. Simply stay a night and the hotel will allow you to park your car and provide a shuttle to the port. It’s an easy way to save if you plan to stay in the area beforehand. See our list of Port Canaveral park and cruise hotels here.

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Port Canaveral Cruise Parking (Where to Park) Options, Prices, and Map


    • We are not a cruise parking lot; we’ve instead written an article about your options. The cruise terminal offers RV parking. If you need more details, you can call them at (321) 783-7831.

  1. Have you heard of Port Canaveral VIP Valet? Operated by AutoCare Concierge. They offer a $99 flat rate with drop off service (your car).

    • Not that we have ever heard of. If it were to happen (highly unlikely) there are the off-site parking lots as well.


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